CanSat Blog – Hello and Welcome!

Thursday 6th February 2020 CanSat

Hello and Welcome to the UTC Derby Pride Park CanSat Blog!

This is our first blog of 2020, just before we submit our second report for the CanSat competition – so we’re right in the middle of our project and on the verge of our second review!

But what exactly is CanSat?

CanSat is a complex competition to describe so in the words of one of our Co-captains: ‘CanSat is an amazing, unique experience where a group of aspiring STEM students work together to develop a satellite with the aim of collecting live data from the ever-changing atmosphere. The satellite will be taken beyond 120 meters and dropped towards the Earth, during this descent we need to collect live data from this satellite, analyse this data and then present to the judging panel. The satellite is a ‘can’ satellite which we have to design, manufacture and program whilst completing numerous other elements for the presentation and our own development including outreach and sponsorship. This experience gives us a real idea of what it takes to be the engineers, computer scientists and physicists of the future.

As a team passionate in STEM we cannot help but want to share our journey with others who are as interested as we are. We hope you can follow our progress into our eventual success!