Employer-led learning

Employer-led learning

Working with employers and universities is at the heart of everything we do at the UTC, providing students with real-life problem-solving challenges, mentoring and work experience.


You will participate in projects related to the world of work that have been designed by our employer and university partners in collaboration with our expert teaching staff, as well as benefitting from master classes and feedback on your work from top professionals.


The chance to meet regularly with employers relevant to your interests and career aspirations is a key part of how the UTC will build your confidence and skills.


Work experience at the UTC is all about matching your interests with specific employer and project opportunities, so that you gain a real insight into what it is like to work in the sector.

Trips and Tours

You will visit a wide range of employer premises, including high profile companies and organisations, as well as participate in national competitions and events.

More Information

If you have any queries regarding employer engagement events and activities, please contact our Careers Lead.

Careers Lead – Miss Kerry Warburton


Tel: 01332 477400