Engineering Manufacture Cambridge Nationals


OCR Cambridge National in Engineering Manufacture develops students’ understanding of the processes involved in transferring a design concept into a product. They apply their knowledge and skills by operating manufacturing equipment following a design specification, using tools such as CAD/CAM.

Qualification Type

Technical Award – GCSE Equivalent

Qualification Level

Level 1 / Level 2


R014 – Principles of engineering manufacture. This is assessed by an exam. In this unit you will learn about the different types of manufacturing processes and the different materials that can be used within manufacturing. Topics include manufacturing processes, engineering materials, manufacturing requirements and developments in engineering manufacture.

R015 – Manufacturing a one-off product. This is assessed by a set assignment. In this unit you will learn how to safely plan and produce a one-off product by using appropriate processes, tools and equipment. Topics include planning the production of a one-off product, measuring and marking out and safely following processes, using tools and equipment to make a product.

R016 – Manufacturing in qualtity. This is assessed by a set assignment. In this unit you will learn how to manufacture using simple jigs and templates to support manufacturing in volume using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. Topics include, preparing for manufacture, developing programmes to operate CNC equipment, safely following processes and equipment to make products in quantity.

How will it be delivered?

R014 – Externally Assessed Examination – 40% of final grade.

R015/R016 – Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) – coursework – 60% of final grade

Course Specification

The course specification can be found at:

Cambridge Nationals – Engineering Manufacture Level 1/Level 2 – J823 – OCR