Physics A Level

What is the subject and why should you study it?

Physicists explore the fundamental nature of almost everything we know of. They probe the furthest reaches of the earth to study the smallest pieces of matter. Join them to enter a world deep beneath the surface of normal human experience.

Course content

Year 1Year 2
Measurements and their errorsFurther mechanics and thermal physics
Particles and radiationFields
WavesNuclear physics
Mechanics and energyPlus one option from the following –

Medical physics

Engineering physics

Turning points in physics



How is the course assessed?

There are three exams at the end of the two years for A-level, all of which are two hours long. At least 15% of the marks for A-level Physics are based on what you learned in your practicals.

Any course requirements

At least Grade 6-6 for GCSE Science or Grade 6 in GCSE Physics

Link to specification on exam board website: AQA | AS and A-level | Physics | Specification at a glance