Health Science Roles in Action: IT Lead

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Health Science Roles in Action: IT Lead

In the current climate, it is important to appreciate the roles key workers play, and the many different roles available. If you choose to study Life Sciences, there are lots of pathways within the health sector which you can go into. There is a lot of overlap between sectors, too, which means you could be in a really exciting, advancing career!

Hear from an IT Lead in the health sector about their role and experiences, and the positives that come from exploring the sector:

Working in IT within the health care sector offers an invaluable insight into what is arguably the most important service there is for us all as a society.

Although there are undoubtedly somewhat aged systems still in use, which in themselves continue to offer value, these are increasingly being replaced with those that are very much at the forefront of the most technological advances.

Whether old or new, it is genuinely fascinating to get under the covers and understand the different technologies in play and to see how they come together to support the many facets of health care. You get a very clear appreciation of how essential each component within the overall technology stack is and why it is so important that even the smallest ‘widget’ is always working at its optimum level.

By its very nature, the health care sector is held in high regard which adds a further and quite unique dynamic in the world of IT when working with the numerous third parties that support its technologies.

On a personal note, it is immensely rewarding to know that through your efforts you are helping to ensure the wellbeing of people who are, after all, our family and friends.