Meet our Staff: Miss Majid, Computer Science

Friday 22nd May 2020

Meet our Staff: Miss Majid, Computer Science

Why did you decide to start teaching at the UTC? 

Previously I hadn’t heard of the UTC, so when I saw a job advertised here, I was intrigued and applied immediately, as I wanted to take a chance and do something new. I originally joined the UTC on cover for five months as a Computer Science Teacher, and I have been here since. During this time, I saw a different aspect to education that excited me.

What is it that interests you about your subject/area?

I enjoy the challenge my subject brings, and the problem-solving side of Programming. It’s nice seeing students develop their skills in this area and I like the variety of work within Computer Science.

How did you get into teaching?

I had lots of experience in different roles within the education sector, including as an Unqualified Teacher, Mentor and a Teaching Assistant. I decided to complete my PGCE, as this had always been a goal of mine. During my Teaching Assistant role, I enjoyed working with staff and students, which encouraged me to pursue a career as a Teacher.

What are your ambitions for your department/subject?

To incorporate other subjects within my specialism, such as Maths and Engineering. I want my students to take all opportunities available to them, and to enjoy coming to their classes. I am looking forward to seeing the subject develop further and to supporting my students in improving their knowledge.

What kind of projects do the students work on in your subject?

Students are involved in designing and programming games, including old snakes and ladders games and two-player random dice games, using Python Programming Language. The students are always keen to complete project work and it is great seeing the different pieces of work that each individual produces.

What has been your highlight of working at the UTC?

My highlight at the UTC has been meeting some amazing, aspiring students who have made working at the UTC a joy. I love seeing the students achieve their goals and look forward to them being successful in the future, as I have built a strong working relationship with them all.

What do you think are the strengths of a UTC?

Having a small number of students and staff has allowed the UTC to work closely with everyone, which has encouraged a sense of community within the school. The strengths of UTCs are that they offer specialist courses which are designed with employers in exciting areas. The courses also offer strong career opportunities in the future.

Why should students come to the UTC?

The UTC offers some amazing opportunities for the students to get involved in, such as trips to the Royal Navy, and work experience with our sponsors. UTC Derby focuses on providing a fantastic student experience, by ensuring everyone is on the right pathway to achieving their goals to become  more employable for the future.