UTC Derby community takes part in National Storytelling Week

Tuesday 16th February 2021

UTC Derby community takes part in National Storytelling Week
As part of National Storytelling Week in February we set a challenge for people across our community, including students, parents and governors, to share their short stories with us for an exciting writing competition.
The brief was to write a 100 word story using the title Trapped, inspried by a selection of images.
Mrs Robathan, Head of English, said: “It was fantastic to see so many of our students take up their pens and get creative. We definitely have some writing stars of the future here at Derby UTC Pride Park.”

The winning entries were:

Year 10

Corbin Walker

Sonim Chapagai


Year 9

Zach Whitehall

Olivia Nikiel


Here are the winning stories:

Story 1

It was dark. Mist surrounded the forest as the boy ran, pushing branches out of his way. Tears flooded his eyes as he ran for his life. Suddenly, a beam a fire shot past his face burning his left cheek.

Then he appeared.

A young boy stood on top of a tall dead tree watching him. The mystery boy had burned x’s on his eyes and had burns all down his arms. He wore a white tracksuit and had brown spiky hair with light blue eyes. He jumped down from the tree onto the ground in front of the terrified boy.

“You think you can run from me?” the mystery boy said.

The young boy took a few steps back, getting ready to run yet again and tears ran down his cheeks. Suddenly, the mystery boy ignited a bright blue flame in his hand and said,“I love this part.”

The mystery boy thrust his fire towards the scared little boy and engulfed him in the flames. The young boy’s skin decayed, and the fire consumed him, burning his flesh away.  The young boy screamed and pleaded for mercy as the fire started to melt him. The mystery boy watched and smiled as the young helpless boy was eaten by the flames.

“A job well done,” the mystery boy muttered, as he walked away from the burnt corpse with his torched hands in his pockets, a sly smile on his face.


Story 2

“Where are you going? I’m not done with you yet!” yelled mum chasing after Ellie.

BANG!!! The piercing sound made everyone in the house shocked with stunned silence as the glass door shattered everywhere leaving small broken pieces across the floor.

“Leave me alone!” cried Ellie as she ran towards her room.

Ellie buried her sorrowful face in her pillow once she flew into her room. She felt lonely and grumpy, her soul tearing apart from pain after another terrible argument with her mum. She couldn’t understand what was happening with her, but she felt depressed and anxious. She felt like she was sealed away in her own room by the quarantine.

The past year has changed Ellie’s life. From the early morning to late evening, Ellie sat in front of her laptop completing homework and online lessons; she had no possibility of seeing her most favourite teachers and friends. Family trips were cancelled, fresh walks were reduced to minimum hours due to the UK’s winter weather and lockdown. The last thing that they could do is go to church on the weekend. This trip had always been like a gasp of air for Ellie; however, this destructive virus has left its mark here too. They could no longer spend time after service with a cup of tea, sharing food and chatting with their friends in church.

Nevertheless, she didn’t lose hope, she believed that soon this would end, and everything would return to normal.


Story 3

On a cold, dreary night I could feel the breeze blasting past my face making me feel encased. Frightened of what might happen I took a stroll from the camp and saw that the enemy had surrounded us ready to pounce at any moment. Quietly and quickly trying to rush back to camp I accidently stepped on a branch which caused me to be spotted by the enemy they took me to their commanding officer. He was offering me my freedom in exchange for some information. I told him he would never get any information from the likes of me.


Story 4

I gasped. My eyes opened up to dark grey smoke everywhere. My whole body was boiling and sweating because of the fire around my room. I slowly got up in my feet still wobbling and left my room within a small gap in my door that was engulfed in flames. I limped my way to my phone in the living room and was about to call the fire rescue when suddenly I heard loud banging outside my room. I assumed it was the firefighters that were here to rescue me.

I was struggling to reach my door when suddenly my vision started fading, I was fainting………