UTC Derby Pride Park welcomes our Y12 students – Induction Day

Sunday 5th September 2021

UTC Derby Pride Park welcomes our Y12 students – Induction Day

It was fantastic to welcome our Year 12 students to UTC Derby Pride Park on their Induction day. During the day students met their tutors, had a welcome presentation from our Associate Principal – Mr Lee Kirkwood and Executive Principal – Mr Nick Crew before spending the rest of the day in their Specialist Areas.

Our Engineering students completed a carousel of events:

  • An introduction to Welding
  • Polymer Process Practical
  • Team Building exercise

Our Applied Science and Health & Social Care students have begun to extend their knowledge of cells and how cells function in Health & disease

We also invited our Y13 students to attend the session so that our Post-16 students worked together and got to know each other from Day 1.

We look forward to supporting our Post-16 students throughout their sixth form studies and beyond.

About the induction students said:

‘It was an amazing introduction to engineering and it was great to work with all staff members in the department’

‘Our session in Applied Science and Health and Social Care was really informative and it was great to spend quality tome with the staff that will be teaching us’

‘It was a fantastic afternoon to meet all of the students within our specialism and spend some time not only getting to know them also allowing the students to meet the staff’