Y13 Engineering students visit the University of Derby

Tuesday 21st September 2021

Y13 Engineering students visit the University of Derby

Early in September The University of Derby hosted our Year 13 Engineering students for an introduction into Electronics to support their BTEC Course.

Students attended the University during the morning and attended a lecture given by Dr. Uchenna Diala who is part of the College of Science and Engineering.

The main aspects of the session were to introduce students to Analogue Devices and Circuits

The session covered aspects such as:

  • Input Components
  • Output Components
  • Components and their applications
  • Different power supplies and their uses

Students were able to take part in Q and A sessions during the morning to help them develop their understanding and knowledge of the topics covered.

Throughout the rest of the academic year students will attend further sessions at the University to help them not only with their academic knowledge, but to also support them in examination preparation and allow them to gain a greater understanding of what University offers.

About the day students said:

This was a fantastic lecture that introduced our students to key content required for their upcoming BTEC assignments’

‘It was a good experience to see what lectures would be like at University whilst also supporting our course’

For further information students can visit: