Class of 2020 – Ewan Carson

Friday 14th August 2020 Class of 2020

Class of 2020 – Ewan Carson

18-year-old Ewan is heading to University of Bath to study a degree in Chemistry with Drug Discovery with integrated masters after securing fantastic A Level results at the UTC.

Ewan secured results to get him into his top university choice: “I got an A in Chemistry, B in Physics and a C in Maths, and got into my first-choice university to study.”

Ewan joined the UTC in 2016 as a Year 10 student. He said: “I moved to the UTC because at the time I had an interest in Engineering and it was the best pathway choice for me as the UTC has fantastic facilities and works with employers. Both my grandad and my dad worked at Rolls-Royce so I had previously spent time with them working on engineering projects at home.”

Whilst at the UTC, Ewan worked with employers on a range of different projects: “We worked on projects with Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Bombardier. We worked in teams to design a train for Bombardier last year and the winning teams presented their designs to Bombardier in their offices. I was in the team that won, and that was a great experience.”

Since studying at the UTC, Ewan has developed a new passion for Chemistry. He said: “Chemistry quickly became my favourite subject and now I’m going on to study it at university.

“Had I stayed at my old school I would never have developed my interest in Chemistry, which has become my passion. After my degree I’d like to look into more pharmaceutical roles and job options.”

Talking about his next steps, Ewan said: “I’m really excited about moving to Bath in September. I think the UTC has prepared me well for the future and university. They’ve supported me throughout and reassured me that I can make my own choices.

“I’ve developed soft skills alongside my studies such as my confidence and teamwork through working on industry projects and in groups with my peers on challenging projects. These skills will help me when I go to university and have prepared me for life beyond the UTC.”