Class of 2020 – Christopher Sheasby

Wednesday 19th August 2020 Class of 2020

Class of 2020 – Christopher Sheasby

18-year-old Chris is heading to University of Derby to study Motorsport Engineering after his fantastic A Level results.

Chris studied Maths and Engineering at the UTC achieving a C in maths and Distinction, Distinction, Merit in his Extended Diploma in Engineering.

He said: “I started at the UTC in Year 12 to study at the sixth form because I wanted to go into Engineering. I moved to the UTC because when I went on the open day, they had a lot more to offer. They had more machinery and workshops and it seemed like it was set up to help people like me get to our destinations. It had a good feel about it, and I could see myself studying there.”

Even though he could have studied Engineering at his previous school, Chris decided to move to the UTC: “They offered Engineering at my old school but not as a complete course, it was just focussing on design. The UTC offered a practical course with lots of different elements.”

Chris is now looking forward to his next steps. He said: “I got an unconditional offer from University of Derby to study Motorsport Engineering which I’m really pleased with. I have always been interested in Motorsport, ever since Year 6, so it’s really exciting that I’m now able to go on and study it.”

Talking about his favourite moments at the UTC, Chris said: “The thing I’ve enjoyed most is the teachers and people I’ve been around. It’s a small school but that’s a bonus. I got a real connection with the teachers and students and they felt approachable in comparison to bigger schools where you may be one in a class of 30. They have time for you as individuals to choose your own favourite things and things to specialise in.”

Chris was able to develop his passion for Motorsport Engineering at the UTC. He said: “One of my favourite experiences at the UTC that I got a lot of enjoyment from was the F1 in Schools. As I wanted to go into Motorsport it seemed like a really good project which I enjoyed, and it allowed me to think more about the fundamentals of how cars are designed.

“My biggest achievement is probably getting to the national finals of F1 in schools with my team. It was a great experience and allowed us to go to compete and showed us a lot more about how the car could improve.”

Looking forward to the future, Chris said: “After university I’d like to get to a big Formula 1 team and work with them on the shop floor designing the car, or be at the track on race day as a race engineer to sort out the cars and make sure they’re race ready.”

Chris has developed lots of skills at the UTC which will help him in his next steps: “The main thing I’ve learnt a lot about is how to use the specific machinery, how to weld, create good metalwork and upskill on practical areas. I know that this will help me down the line because any engineering job requires you to know the fundamentals which I’ve been able to develop.”

To anyone thinking about studying Engineering, Chris said: “If you’re passionate about creating new things and like making things, even if it’s just playing with Lego at home, or if you have a passion for things designed and engineered like trains or motorcars then the UTC is a great place to pursue your studies. There aren’t many places that rival the UTC for experience, equipment and employers.”