Class of 2020 – Tyler Roberts

Monday 24th August 2020 Class of 2020

Class of 2020 – Tyler Roberts

Tyler Roberts, 16, is looking forward to studying the new health and life sciences specialism being offered at UTC Derby Pride Park from September 2020.

Tyler is looking forward to specialising in Health and Life Sciences at the UTC after his successful GCSE results.

Tyler moved to the UTC in Year 10 to specialise in Engineering alongside Maths, English, Science and Business. He said: “I always put my head down and try and put 100% in, but I was a bit anxious coming up to results day. I’m really happy with my results though. They definitely show the effort I put in, especially in the last couple of terms.”

Tyler is staying at the UTC to study at the sixth form. He is going to be specialising in Health and Life Sciences in September alongside studies in Science and Health and Social care.

He said: “The school is run more like a community so everyone knows everyone. The teachers know more than just your name. Because of that it doesn’t feel like the teacher is getting on at you or you’re falling behind because you can say if you’re struggling and the support is there. The staff are all there trying to better the students.”

Tyler has enjoyed lots of experiences whilst at the UTC: “We have had a lot of big opportunities through studying at the UTC which you wouldn’t be able to at a bigger school because of the cohort sizes. I did a week’s experience on a navy base with our employer partner The Royal Navy which was a fantastic experience.

“It showed us what a career in the Navy would be like and what we’d need to do if we wanted to go into the job. We got to go around a museum ship and learn all about the history of the Navy and see all the weaponry used. You don’t get opportunities like that at your average school.”

Tyler said the UTC is very supportive of your own hobbies as well as your education: “They have all the time and more for you, and you always have that extra push to carry on with what you’re doing and not let the fear of it put you off. My biggest achievement at the UTC would be writing my poetry book which I’m hoping to publish. The teachers have all been incredibly supportive of me, especially my English teachers, and it’s a goal I’ve been wanting to achieve for a while. I was always being asked if I had any new poems that I’d been working on as they were all really excited to read them. I have always had a knack for poetry, but I don’t think it’s what you’d expect when you saw me.”

Talking about his future, Tyler said: “In the future I’d like to build up my own business. I’ve always been young hearted, so I want to do something that brings people together from different ages. Being my own boss and being able to choose what happens during the day would make my career life a lot smoother.

Tyler thinks the UTC has prepared him well for the future: “I’ve developed a lot of teamwork skills because it’s such a small school and you know most people. Even if you’re working with someone you don’t necessarily hang around with at break, it’s still nice to work with them because you know them.

“My confidence and trust in other people has also grown. I’m more likely to work in a team than by myself. Having the support there all the time has definitely helped my confidence.

To anyone thinking about joining the UTC, Tyler said: “If you’re interested in STEM and Engineering then go for it. It is an amazing choice and opens you up to lots of opportunities. It will put you in a really good position in the future.”