Meet Our Staff: Miss Tabberer, Learning Manager

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Meet Our Staff: Miss Tabberer, Learning Manager

Why did you decide to start working at the UTC?

I was new to the area and looking for an exciting place to work. When I visited the UTC, I was really impressed at how engaged in learning all the students were and how enthusiastic they were about the unique opportunities the UTC gave them.


Did you have any industry experience prior to joining the UTC? If so, how does it help in your role at the UTC?

When I was in my twenties, I volunteered once a week for three years for a small sustainable energy business, that specialised in designing and making wind turbines for small holdings. I worked with two engineers, and my job was to assemble the battery units and do all the fiddly bits of soldering. This experience gave me an insight into the fascinating minds of engineers. I saw how problem solving was what motivated them and how they were enthused by wanting to make the world a better place. I found this a positive experience and it transformed my mindset, as I started to see opportunities as challenges rather than just barriers.


What is it that interests you about your area?

I am drawn to student support because I enjoy working with young people and helping them to achieve their personal goals and overcome any personal barriers they may have. I am fascinated by all the different dreams and aspirations young people have and find it exciting to think about the things they will go on to achieve in the world. I am interested in my area because I am proud to be a part of my students’ journeys, as I see how my subject changes their lives.


How did you get into the education sector?

My first job in education was teaching English in a young offenders’ institute. I had recently finished my degree and I wanted to work with hard to reach groups and people who felt excluded from society. I felt that the most positive thing you could do for young offenders while they were in prison was to raise their self-esteem, self-awareness, curiosity, knowledge and skills through education. This experience encouraged me to pursue a career within the education sector.


What have you noticed since working at the UTC?

This sounds funny, but I’ve noticed that there are lots of left-handed students and staff. Left-handed people are thought to have creative minds and be flexible thinkers!


What are your ambitions for your area?

My ambitions are to provide exceptional support for all students, no matter what their personal, educational and career ambitions might be. I am enthusiastic to provide each student with the tools they need to fulfil their ambitions and to help them overcome any obstacles they may face. I also want to encourage and nurture a school-wide community spirit.


What has been your highlight of working at the UTC?

My highlight was World Book Day 2020, as this was such an exciting day for all staff and students, and I’ll always remember this experience.


What do you think are the strengths of a UTC?

The strengths of a UTC are that staff encourage students to be innovators, whilst also being community minded. Learning at the UTC isn’t just about being academic, it’s also important to build personal life skills along the way.