Attendance and Timetable

High attainment depends on good attendance. Poor attendance can also be a threat to the safety of individual students. We will always work in partnership with parents/carers to help every child secure high levels of attendance.

The UTC Day (Timetable)

Students to arrive before the Student Entrance gate is locked at 8.25 a.m.

TUTOR TIME08:30 – 08:5008:30 – 08:5008:30 – 08:5008:30 – 08:5008:30 – 08:50
PERIOD 108:50 – 09:5008:50 – 09:5008:50 – 09:5008:50 – 09:5008:50 – 09:50
PERIOD 209:50 – 10:5009:50 – 10:5009:50 – 10:5009:50 – 10:5009:50 – 10:50
BREAK10:50 – 11:1010:50 – 11:1010:50 – 11:1010:50 – 11:1010:50 – 11:10
PERIOD 311:10 – 12:1011:10 – 12:1011:10 – 12:1011:10 – 12:1011:10 – 12:10
PERIOD 412:10 – 13:1012:10 – 13:1012:10 – 13:1012:10 – 13:1012:10 – 13:10
LUNCH13:10 – 13.4013:10 – 13.4013:10 – 13.4013:10 – 13.4013:10 – 13.40
PERIOD 513:40 – 14.4013:40 – 14.4013:40 – 14.4013:40 – 14.4013:40 – 14.40
PERIOD 614:40 – 15.4014:40 – 15.4014:40 – 15.40
14:40 – 15.40

Arrival at UTC:

Students should arrive at UTC in time for Period 1 via the Student Entrance. Students arriving after 8.30 a.m. need to sign in with Reception and will be marked as late, this will result in a rapid response detention after school.

Lateness to Lessons:

Students arriving late to lessons, with no valid reason, will be marked as late; sanctions will be implemented after college on the same day.  Persistent lateness could result in a Penalty Notice issued by the Educational Welfare Officer.

Planned Absence:

Requests for absence from college for dental appointments, visits to hospitals etc, should be address to the Attendance Officer giving at least one clear day’s notice. We would always encourage parents/carers to minimise the amount of time missed in school for these appointments. Students miss fewer hours in college if appointments can be arranged at the beginning or end of the day.

Why is School Attendance so important?

Above 97% – Less than 6 days absence a year:
Students with this attendance should achieve their full potential with the best grades at GCSE/GCE.

95% – Less than 9 days absence in a year:
Students are likely to achieve their potential at GCSE/GCE. New guidelines indicate that 95% attendance should be the minimum goal for every student.

90% – Less than 19 days absence over the year:
Students are missing 4 weeks of college and may drop an exam grade. It will be difficult for them to achieve their best.

85% or less – Persistent absence:
Students are missing at least 6 weeks of college every year and this will have a significant impact on their exam grades.

Holidays during term time:

Term time holidays can have a significant impact on achievement and progress, therefore our policy is not to authorise any other than in the most exceptional circumstances. The fundamental principles for defining exceptional are rare, significant, unavoidable and short. By unavoidable, we mean an event that could not reasonably be scheduled at another time.

If a student is removed from UTC for the purpose of a holiday during term time without authorisation we may ask the Local Authority, Education Welfare Service, to issue a Penalty Notice. For further information please download a copy of our Attendance Policy.

Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing and address to Richie Wheatcroft, Principal. Please be aware that any application for leave of absence during term time must be made in advance.

Unacceptable absence/punctuality:

We will not authorise absences for inappropriate reasons such as those set out below. Where there are instances of unauthorised absence then we may ask the Local Authority, Education Welfare Service, to issue parents with a warning letter or a Penalty Notice.

  • Truancy
  • Minding the house/staying in for repairs
  • Shopping
  • Attending sports events or concerts
  • Annual holidays
  • To do homework
  • To help with the family business
  • Birthdays
  • UTC uniform in the wash
  • Looking after siblings
  • Oversleeping

Unexpected absence:

If your child is absent from UTC, please let the Attendance Officer know on each day of absence. If the UTC does not receive an explanatory text, email or telephone message you will be contacted either by text, email or phone. You can contact the Attendance Officer by phoning the college on 01332 477400.


Students with high levels of attendance receive awards and rewards in assemblies and achievement assemblies.

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