Careers Information

The curriculum at UTC Derby Pride Park is centred around high quality careers and employment. Students benefit from employer projects and significant contact with employers.

At 16 the students will be helped by staff to apply to their choice of sixth form, college or apprenticeship, whether they choose to stay at the UTC or not.

For those that wish to go onto university, students will be supported by staff to complete their application forms, including writing their personal statement.

For those that wish to go onto an apprenticeship or straight into work, the staff will support their application and help prepare them for interviews. There is also a weekly drop-in for students to find out more about apprenticeships.

Working with employers

Teaching Engineering through our Employer Commissions is a vital part of our Education.

Students work with companies to:

  • See the problem
  • Design and build a solution
  • Evaluate the design
  • Present their findings to the company.
  • This mirrors the process in industry

We are currently working with Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Bombardier, the Royal Navy, SNC Lavallin and Lubrizol on our commissions.

Work experience

If you have any queries regarding work experience events and activities, please contact our Careers Lead.

Careers Lead – Miss Kerry Warburton


Tel: 01332 477400

Life after UTC Derby


UCAS for students

Applying to University

Need help to find when a University has an open day?


Students who are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship after completing their studies with us, can access and apply for apprenticeship vacancies by visiting:

You can find specific opportunities here:




William Hare

Balfour Beatty

Network Rail

Motus Commercials

Jaguar Land Rover


SNC Lavalin

CGI Group

Other useful information

Labour Market Information (LMI) relating to our local area

The following links will be useful in providing further information

Derbyshire Economic Review June 2019

D2N2 Escalators

The D2N2 Escalators are a resource that have been devised by employers and young people. They provide an overview of the sector, the various job opportunities available and the routes to access them (employed, vocational and educational).


Food and Drink Manufacturing

Health and Social Care

Transport Equipment Manufacturing

Life Sciences