Dress Code

All students should present a smart appearance at UTC, as we are working with employers and industry partners, we want all UTC students to appear as smart as possible and ready for business.

In line with the DFE statutory guidance on school uniform and supporting parents with the costs of uniform we have reviewed the amount of business dress with our logo on. This is to give parents/carers the option to purchase non-branded business dress from any outlet they choose.

All Year 9, 10 and 11 students must wear a branded tie as part of their business dress which can be purchased from our approved supplier here: UTC Derby Pride Park Approved Supplier

All other items of business dress can be purchased either from our approved supplier (who offer affordable options) or any other suitable outlet you choose.

Second hand uniform

We also aim to collect second hand unform to support parents where possible, please get in touch to discuss this.

Extreme styling

Extreme styling is not desirable. Hair colour should be natural tone. Make up should be subtle.  Jewellery should be limited to one set of simple ear studs. Facial piercings should not be worn with the exception of a small nose stud. If nail varnish is worn, it must be neutral in colour and false nails are not allowed.

Business dress in Years 9, 10, 11

  • UTC Derby Pride Park tie (available for purchase here) Tie must be worn with shirt collar fastened and UTC logo at chest level, tie length to reach top of trousers/belt
  • Mid grey business suit (trouser or skirt option, skirts to be an appropriate length – trousers must be worn on days that students are in the engineering workshop)
  • White shirt with stiff collar fastened long or short sleeves
  • Optional grey jumper/cardigan
  • Business shoes plain black -not walking boots, trainers or other casual shoe
  • Heels up to 2½ inches (smart black leather boots will be allowed, not Ugg type boots or fashion items)
  • In the interests of Health and Safety, no sandals or shoes/boots with an open toe – closed toes only
  • Wear the lanyard and student identification card provided
  • Suitability of clothing will be at the Principal’s discretion. Please ask if you are unsure.


During sport and PE activities, students should wear appropriate sports clothing.

Business Dress in Sixth Form

Students in Year 12 and 13 have the option to wear their own personal business wear.

Engineering students also have the option to purchase our sixth form polo shirt, featuring our key employer partner logos, available here: Sixth Form Polo Shirt

All students must:

  • Wear the purple lanyard given to Post-16 students and it must be visible at all times whilst at UTC as well as the individual student ID card, which must only be used by the owner for safeguarding reasons and to help differentiate students from staff and visitors. (Replacement ID cards are available for £2.00 and can be paid via ParentPay or cash)
  • Any logos present on clothing must be small and discrete
  • Neutral colours and patterns are advised, and any extreme colours will be at the Principal’s discretion.
  • Polo shirts (other than the UTC branded one), sweatshirts and jeans are not allowed
  • Any student wearing hoodies, trainers and outdoor garments will be challenged and sanctions will be given for repeat offences
  • Make-up must be discrete and neutral tone
  • Jewellery should be limited to a watch and a discreet piercing
  • Tattoos must be discreet or covered up
  • All shoes must be closed toe and no sandals or flip flops
  • In the interest of health and safety closed and sturdy footwear is a must especially if studying product design, sciences and engineering.
  • Trousers must be worn on days students are in the engineering workshop.

Business wear:

  • Business suit or separates with trousers or skirt options (skirts should be at least knee length), tights should be worn with skirts and of at least 40 denier.
  • Tailored trousers or chino.
  • No jeans, leggings, cargo trousers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • A blouse or shirt with stiff collar and either long or short sleeved.
  • A tie of your choice or UTC tie or dress scarf can be worn with a shirt.
  • Knitted jumpers or cardigans should be plain and may have a small logo and no sweatshirts.
  • Shoes must be a muted colour (foot wear must be suitable for workshop environments) – not walking boots, trainers or other casual shoe
  • Heels up to 2½ inches (smart leather boots are permitted, not Ugg type boots or fashion items)

School Bags

Bag should be a waterproof rucksack or messenger style bag without extreme logos and designed to support the back, protect your IT device safely, hold A4 size file items/stationery and fasten securely.  Lockers can be hired to store bags (25 cm x 36 cm x 39 cm) and or valuables securely.  The UTC cannot be held responsible for the storage of student property